Molyda arrives at a new camp, with new rules and new regulations, but there are things going on behind walls that the leaders are hiding from the people. The leaders inThe leader tells everyone to go back to their old ways, that showing wealth, education and religion is fine again. The rations have increased, one ladleful of rice and two little fish for each person. Whilst everyone in the camp is living a somewhat good life and everything is under control, something dark is happening behind the walls of an abandoned school. Molyda, along with her ‘little sister’, witnessed a gruesome torturing. Groups of poeple were led to the back of a building, with their hands bound. Then they saw a monstrous act, a Yotear pried a baby from his/her mother’s hands, by the legs, and slammed his/her head onto a tree stump. Immediately cracking the head open, instantly killing him/her. In addition to those horrible acts, Molyda witnessed the Yotears drag men and hang them onto branches. Then they stripped and whipped them, if they became unconscious, the Yotears would rub salt into the open wounds. 

Molyda comes face to face with the victims of the Yotears, creating a reaction within the refugees when their fear becomes reality. After witnessing the gruesome events, Molyda gets caught watching a torture unfold and is called over to run a special errand with a Yotear. The Yotear brings Molyda into the school. Molyda was to collect clothes, clothes from swollen, beaten and dead bodies. These were the people who disobeyed the Angkar, hung inside the school. As Molyda collected the clothes, she saw a mother alive and stripped naked. She was leaning as far as her bonds allowed, trying to feed her baby who could barely lift his/her head. As Molyda left the school, she witnessed another massacre. A steady stream of adults, followed by their children, lined up in front of a massive gaping grave. Their heads were chopped off, their bodies mutilated. Then, the group of refugees in the camp decide to take action and slow down during the moving of camps. They all decide to get caught by the Vietnamese instead of meeting the Yotears at another camp ahead. Then word spreads like wildfire through the forest that the Yotears are chopping people’s heads and limbs off. Everyone ran blindly to the Vietnamese.


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    November 2013